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Would my home value drop if I remove my pool?

This is the biggest question on a homeowner's mind before demolishing their pool. After all, a well maintained pool is a pride to homeowners who like to showcase it during parties. While a pool adds to the beauty of a home, it could be expensive to maintain it, which is why many families look at demolishing their pool.

Appraisers and Real estate agents have mixed and opposing views on this. Since appraisers add or subtract value of the house based on it's amenities, loss of a pool is considered a minus and they thereby reduce the value of the house during appraisal. But wait... don't be concerned yet, since that's not the whole story. While appraisers may cut down the value of the house, they acknowledge that that's not always what the market perceives. In some areas, not having a pool has a higher market value than the appraised value.

When our staff polled real estate agents on this question, the answer usually is "Well, it depends...". It all depends on the area you live in, the demographics, the size of your lot, etc. If the size of your lot is very small and you don't have a lawn, but only a pool, then getting rid of the pool would only add value to the house, since would-be home owners always prefer a lawn. Are you in a good elementary school district, are new home owners moving into the are for this school, then the chances are that not having a pool would increase the attractiveness of your home. This is because, most homeowners with children prefer not to have pool, as it's seen as a liability.

Since all of this depends on the area you live in, it's better to check with a real estate agent who specializes in your area.

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