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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of soil do I fill in my pool?

If you are planning to plant trees or grow a garden, you'll definitely need top soil, but then you don't need to fill your entire pool with top soil. Usually, the top two feet or less is covered with top soil. Plants get most of their nutrients from this layer

When you are filling the rest of your pool with dirt, some contractors bring in dirt dug from homes which are building pools, this is ok, but you want to make sure that the soil is good (no weeds, etc.)

The last few inches of pool fill needs to be topsoil if you are planning to landscape that area. You may have plans for a garden, or just a lawn. Here are some tips on how much of topsoil you need

Vegetable Garden - 8" to 12" of topsoil
Lawn - 4" to 6" of topsoil
Raised plants - 12" to 18" of topsoil

Are you wondering 'how much topsoil do I need?'. Here's a link to a site that offers a topsoil calculator (no affiliation to It tells you how much cubic yards of topsoil is needed if you enter the width, length and depth of your landscaping area.

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