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Swimming Pool removal procedure (Continued...)

3. Remove 2 feet of gunite (wall)
Breaking the pool walls isn't an easy task. Depending on access to the pool, you maybe able to bring in machines to jack hammer the pool or jack hammer it manually. The top two feet of concrete along with re-inforced steel will have to be removed. Once it's removed, you may have to haul away the broken concrete (check with your city for pool demolition requirements). With this step, most of the major work is done.

Demolish pool edges by 2 feet

4. Backfill pool with dirt
Now you are ready to fill the pool with sand. Check out our pool fill FAQ for pool soil options. This step is a matter of pouring the right type of soil and compacting it periodically until it's upto grade level.

Back fill pool

5. Topsoil for landscaping
The last few inches of pool fill needs to be topsoil if you are planning to landscape that area. You may have plans for a garden, or just a lawn. Here are some tips on how much of topsoil you need

Vegetable Garden - 8" to 12" of topsoil
Lawn - 4" to 6" of topsoil
Raised plants - 12" to 18" of topsoil

Are you wondering about how much topsoil you need? Here's a link to a site that offers a topsoil calculator (no affiliation to It tells you how much cubic yards of topsoil is needed if you enter the width, length and depth of your landscaping area.

Congratulations! you just learnt how to remove a pool. Come back and share with us your pool demolition stories and experiences.

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